Our Casino Package is:

*6 Gaming Tables

Additional games available

*6 Uniformed Dealers

*Gaming Chips

*Printed “Funny Money”

with your picture or logo.

*1 Casher

2 hours


within 30 miles

add $125 per 15 miles

max 150 miles

Casino Party Productions is based in Western Massachusetts. We have been hosting Casino Parties for over 13 years. Our clients include; restaurants, chambers of commerce, retail stores and residential customers, JC Penney, Eastside Grille & Outback Steak House just to name a few. Our dealers are well-versed in their games and our pit boss is available to answer any gaming questions and explain subtle nuances of games of chance.

How does this work ?

We print you "Funny Money" with your company logo or picture of the boss in the center. You distribute the money anyway you choose. Your guest at their leisure, exchange their Funny Money for casino chips from our cashier. For those guests not familiar with the different games, we explain how to play and deal some practice hands. After the games close, your guest turn their chips back in for Funny Money. You hold an auction for prizes that you can keep secret or promote prior to the party to get people to attend. Blind auctions are the most fun, there is nothing more hilarious then seeing someone bidding $500,000 for a roll of toilet paper! All you do is gather the prizes and have someone announce the auction and we provide the fun!